How Outdoor Blinds Add Functionality to Your Home

Outdoor blinds are the perfect shade solution for your home. They are that outdoor style addition that makes your home stand out from the others with a wide range of stunning and fashionable colours and trends.

They are perfectly suitable for any outdoor entertaining area from external dining areas to balconies. They are specifically designed to protect the outdoor area. They are suited for both residential as well as commercial place.

So if your outside space require more personality, you can always look into using outdoor blinds from Auckland Pergolas Patios Carports.

Do you have an entertainment area that needs a bit more style and functionality? There is a simple and yet effective answer to both of these questions – outdoor blinds by Auckland Pergolas Patios Carports. You may not realise it, but a simple outdoor blind can make all the difference in the world to how your property looks, and the atmosphere it brings.

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You could go all the way and get new outdoor furniture, paint the walls and maybe include a mural outside, but why go through all that expense when you can make a big difference with a small blind.

Here are five benefits to using outdoor blinds:


If placed on a veranda or patio, or even hung from a pergola, outdoor blinds by Auckland Pergolas Patios Carports can protect your outdoor furniture from the blazing sun and driving rain. They also protect your windows from the sun, which means the panes don’t get hot and your rooms stay cooler during the summer months. The right blinds can easily absorb the heat, and are waterproof against rain, which means your energy bill goes down, and your outdoor furniture lasts longer.


Available in a variety of styles and colours, outdoor blinds can drastically improve the look and feel of the outside of your home. Cordon off a lounging space with beautiful outdoor roller blinds or motorised blinds that are made up to suit your aesthetic requirements. Choose a vibrant colour to lighten the mood and add more fun in the sun, or just protect your guests from the outdoor elements.


Perhaps you would like to enjoy your veranda or patio without the neighbours gawking at you? So, not only do outdoor blinds add to the beauty of the building, but they create a private garden of sorts that is largely favoured by many homeowners. There’s a lot to be said about enjoying a sheltered and comfortable space that offers privacy, while outdoors.


Blinds can suit any interior or exterior setting. Put them in a garden setting, or in the kitchen, either way they really do make a space work. With the right colours and styles, these products can be swopped between spaces.

Outdoor blinds from Auckland Pergolas Patios Carports allow you to complement the look of your property while sheltering your outside entertainment area, patio or veranda from the blazing sun or rain. Choose from a variety of styles such as motorised or manual options, all of which are made for beautifully coloured and patterned materials that are designed for outside use.

Easy to Use

Choose from a variety of blind options – fixed, retractable, roller and shuttered. Made from hardwearing materials such as PVC and canvas, these tough blinds are not half as tough to use as they are in the outdoor elements.

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Exceptionally easy to retract and extract, outdoor blinds from installers like Auckland Pergolas Patios Carports should last you a very long time. If made by the professionals, who use the correct mechanisms that are treated for outdoor use, you are looking at years of enjoying your privacy behind your stylish external blinds.


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