How To Become A Good Call Center Agent

In the modern job market, call centres are a significant employer. The work often does not require specific prior experience or education, but there are some basic people skills that are necessary, or at least helpful, if you want to be a successful at getting into call centre jobs. You’ll get call centre jobs more easily if you practice being calm and patient, learn the phonetic alphabet to aid communication, and get really good at multi-tasking.

While there is no single call centre jobs description you can see on job boards like My Job Space because every company has different requirements for its agents in different positions, there are certain assets that a call center applicant can bring to the job. And, there are a few very basic qualifications that almost every call center company would require.

Here are some key qualification that will help you land on call centre jobs from job boards like My Job Space.

Knowledge Retention

An agent’s mission is to provide the highest quality support to customers. To accomplish this, they need to be able to learn and memorize a good amount of information about your company. By the time they get up and running, they should at least know the ins and outs of your product or service and be on board with your brand’s philosophy.

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Before applying for call centre jobs on job boards like My Job Space, be sure that you how to resolve a customer’s issue and who to transfer the call to if this is the case. As time progresses, they should be able to remember answers to frequently asked questions and troubleshoot with ease. In simple words, you have to be quick in learning the basics.

Attention to Detail

Being a call center agent can sometimes be monotonous. Agents applying for call centre jobs on boards like My Job Space will soon answer the same questions and receive the same complaints day after day. The danger with this is that agents can become complacent as a result. Agents that fall into this tend to assume that they understand customer issues without seeking clarification and are prone to offering a quick, canned response. Be sure that you are able to check in with customers and resolve their issues. Be well groomed during the interview and fix your resume so you can give the recruiter the impression that you are keen to details.


If you want to be land on good call centre jobs on boards like My Job Space, be sure that you are incredibly organized. They need to be able to juggle multiple tasks at once (i.e., checking the knowledge base, updating the CRM and taking notes in your helpdesk), all while attending to the customer’s needs. Staying organized will help reduce errors during this process, ensuring that they are completing after call work efficiently and allowing them to address customer needs more effectively.


Not only do call center agents in a busy call center handle dozens of calls per day, but they also interact with customers with challenging personalities. Be sure that you have what it takes to go with the flow and to do this, flexibility is key.


Applicants looking to get call centre jobs from boards like the My Job Space will soon become the frontline of your company. Make sure you are projecting a warm and friendly image and your customers will rave about their experience. Agents should be able to consistently maintain a positive demeanor and keep a smile on their face day in and day out.

Calm Under Pressure

A high quality call center agent isn’t easily flustered. Some would argue that this is one of the toughest jobs to maintain, due to the number of frustrated callers agents interact with on a daily basis. A good agent will remain calm when someone is yelling at them over the phone. Keeping their cool throughout all of these situations and not letting the frustrated callers get to them personally will get any call center agent far in the industry.

Effective Communication Skills

This one is a given for applicants who wish to get call centre jobs on boards like My Job Space, but it’s still worth mentioning. Because a call center agent’s job is to communicate with callers, they should have top-notch communication skills. But communication doesn’t just mean speaking. Effective communication also involves listening to the caller, digesting the information and conveying a solution quickly and effectively. The agent should speak clearly, using basic vocabulary. If they can communicate effectively, this will bode well for the quality of your service.


Quality agents should be fast and efficient. They should work quickly without sacrificing the quality of their work. This is important to your bottom line because the more callers an agent can handle, the fewer agents you need to keep your call center running smoothly. It’s also important to the callers themselves. They don’t want to wait around for a live agent. They want their call answered as soon as possible.

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Finally, a strong agent needs to be creative. He or she should be able to come up with workable solutions for any problems thrown their way. It’s important that they’re creative because it’ll help them meet caller’s needs in the best way possible for both the company and the customer. This can also increase customer satisfaction.


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