Duties, Skills, Requirements, and Everything You Need To Know About Reception Jobs

Having a cheery and chatty personality can feel like an under-valued or unwanted trait, but it’s something lots of employers want. A smiling face is really important in the world of reception jobs. Expected to be incredibly organised and friendly, this role is so much more than picking up the phones.  

The Duties of Reception Jobs

The first impression is always the most important. Can you make a good first impression? Those who are working on reception jobs are the first people that customers will see when entering a business. In addition to being a greeter, receptionists also may answer phones, accept the mail and courier deliveries, and help determine who gets access to the building or office, schedule meetings travel arrangements, do paperwork and perform administrative tasks. In addition, some receptionists may also accept payments for the company, acting as cashier.

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Those who wish to get reception jobs on boards like My Job Space need to have an ear to the ground and be aware of everything that’s going in an organisation, from knowing which important meetings will be taking place to co-ordinating deliveries and organising travel arrangements for staff. You’ll also often be the first person that employees and potential clients see, so you’re always representing the company.

Daily tasks for reception jobs on My Job Space would usually include:

  • Meeting and greeting clients
  • Booking meetings
  • Arranging couriers
  • Keeping the reception area tidy
  • Answering and forwarding phone calls
  • Screening phone calls
  • Sorting and distributing post

How much can you make out of reception jobs on My Job Space?

According to statistics, a person who would apply for reception jobs on My Job Space or other job boards can make a median income of $17.14 per hour or $40,000 a year.

What are the education requirements for you to qualify for reception jobs on My Job Space?

Hiring standards vary by industry and company, but generally you only need a high school diploma to start as a receptionist. Most training is received on the job, but prior knowledge of how to answer telephones professionally, spreadsheets or other office training is preferred.

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My Job Space reception jobs skills and other requirements

  • Customer-Service Skills: You are the first impression of the company. A successful receptionist will be friendly, organized and knowledgeable about the company.
  • Computer Skills: You will need to answer emails, use the phone system, create and manage schedules, and possibly learn industry specific software.
  • Communication Skills: Listening to customers and management, speaking in a clear and friendly way over the phone and face-to-face are essential skills for receptionists.

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