Biggest Advantages of Online Video Advertising Over Other Means

Online video advertising has three distinct advantages over other mediums and formats when it comes communicating with your target audience.

Engagement. Reach. Cost.

Video has long been considered among the most engaging type of content because it blends sight, sound and action. Since Al Gore invented the Internet, marketers have been blasting us with text PPC ads, banner ads, long-winded white papers and their ilk. As a result, consumers have been conditioned to notice them less and less. Now, with broadband and 4g coverage, ad makers can easily deploy videos on our websites, in our email marketing, and through video pre-roll ads and Facebook and Youtube online video advertising. Smart advertisers are using online video advertising through experts like Online Video Specialists to get in front of – and engage with – their target audience.

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A second advantage online video advertising has over other formats, such as TV, digital signage, movies, or radio, is the reach. People are watching videos everywhere most especially on Youtube which serves as the world’s largest collection of videos. Did you ever see that Seinfeld episode where George has to purchase a book? You know what I mean, when I say everywhere. Google recently announced that people are using their smartphones and tablets more than they use their laptops and desktop computers. This mobility allows them to watch your online video advertising by experts like Online Video Specialists at any time of the day. And working with big data – whether on Facebook or YouTube or one of the programmatic buying platforms – you can target your online video advertising to specific audiences that are important to you. This could include age and gender demographics, as well as by zip code, profession, and more.

The third big advantage to online video advertising created by experts like Online Video Specialists is cost. Small businesses with limited budgets who can’t afford a TV commercial media buy with their local cable company can now afford to produce a TV commercial and share it through social media for little money. There are no annual contracts, no minimum orders. You set the rate you want to spend. You can simply embed the video on your website, blog post or a specific landing page, share it via social media, or leverage it with a pay-per-click advertising campaign, whether it is a Facebook video advertisement, YouTube video pre-roll, or on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and the list goes on.

OK, those are just three distinct advantages for online video advertising that can be produced for you by experts like Online Video Specialists. But there are a ton more ways you can wring the most out of your videos. We can edit your video for use on TV advertising, or for 15-second or 6-second Instagram and Vine video social campaigns. You can use your video for email marketing, press releases, as well as strip away the audio and make into a podcast.

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